Pork Showcased at the 107th PA Farm Show

The PA Farm Show has a long-standing tradition of highlighting the best in all of Pennsylvania agriculture. The 107th edition of the annual show truly encapsulated how Pennsylvania is a hub for food, fiber, and fuel, exemplifying the “Rooted in Progress” theme.

The PA Pork Producers Council (PPPC) was honored to play a part in showcasing pork production to visitors from across the Commonwealth. In the Giant Expo Hall, visitors got to see modern pig production highlighted with a sow and litter on display. The piglets, who were just 4 days old at the opening of the show were truly a focal point for visitors!

PPPC supported youth swine exhibitors by providing a “swag” bag filled with an engraved show brush, laundry bag, PPPC hat and snacks for the 4-H and FFA Market Hog show.

In addition, PPPC showcased the many career opportunities in pork production. From on-farm labor, to veterinarians, to truck drivers, feed haulers and plant employees, there’s a spot for any interest in the pork supply chain.

Youngsters in the booth also learned about the lifecycle of a market pig from a newly created short-story film as well as the products used in daily life from pork production!

One highlight of the show was on the PA Preferred Culinary Connection stage. On Friday, January 13th, Chef Will Shaw, Chef De Cuisine from the Hershey Entertainment & Resort Company was crowned the winner of the Best Pork Chop competition. The culinary stage was packed with pork dishes and pork fans for the duration of the day.

With over 500,000 visitors, the 107th PA Farm Show was an incredible way for PPPC to kickoff the year! Follow along as we promote pork and pig farmers throughout the year on Facebook and Instagram or on our website www.whypapork.com.