PA Pork Producers Council Strike Out Hunger Campaign Wraps

September 18, 2023

PA Pork Producers Council Strike Out Hunger Campaign Wraps

Fall is just around the corner, cooler temperatures signal summer is coming to a close, including baseball season. For the Scranton Wilkes-Barre RailRiders, the Strike Out Hunger Partnership with the PA Pork Producers Council has wrapped for the 2023 season.

In an effort to provide high quality, nutritious protein to the Northeast region of Pennsylvania, PPPC partnered with the SWB RailRiders to develop the Strike Out Hunger campaign.

Matt Hamilton, Assistant General Manager with the RailRiders organization said “It’s our mission here with the RailRiders to be involved with our community as much as we possibly can. In our partnership with the Pennsylvania Pork Producers Council, we shed light on the needs of the Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Book to our community, while giving back at the same time. Our players and front office staff have enjoyed the education and experience with the food bank this year and hope to continue to grow this partnership and relationship in the years to come.”

Throughout the season, a designated batter was pre-selected during each home game and if they struck out, $100 was tallied for donation to the Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank. In total, 53 designated batters struck out throughout the 2023 season, making the donation $5,300.

“The pork community in Pennsylvania is committed to supporting local organizations that provide support for families in need. Protein in often in short supply for food banks and this sponsorship allows those in need to have access to a nutritious, wholesome protein source; pork.” said Courtney Gray, Executive Director of the PA Pork Producers Council.

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The Pennsylvania Pork Producers Council (PPPC) administers the Pork Checkoff on behalf of the state’s nearly 3,000 pig farmers. PPPC acts as a steward for Pork Checkoff funds at the state level and is charged with executing specific programs in the areas of promotion, research and education. No funds may be used for lobbying or to influence government policy. Checkoff-funded promotions are designed to increase domestic pork sales through consumer, retail and food service outreach. Additionally, Checkoff-funded research is administered in all areas of pork production, processing and human nutrition to develop a higher quality, more profitable and innovative product in the competitive meat protein market.